While technological revolutions have altered the landscape for many industries, journalism remains relatively untouched by recent innovation. News organisations continue to rely on out-dated business models, and those who have attempted to adapt to the times have found little success. The fault lies in part with their desire to retain archaic processes that news organisation can both understand and control. A free press, by its very definition, should be free from any form of control, including that of private, for-profit news organisations.

SWEN is a platform that has re-designed the process that allows journalism to flourish. It takes the control of news away from private news organisations and gives it back to the community – the rightful custodians.

Aggregation + Independant Journalism

SWEN is able to provide only the best quality journalism by both aggregating content from established media organisations, as well as allowing independent journalists to submit their own journalism. All journalism, regardless of the source, is vetted through SWEN’s rigorous review process that rewards journalists based on providing the facts surrounding the story, and not opinion, speculation, or conjecture. This allows the reader to form their own opinion on individual matters, instead of being encouraged to think in a certain manner.

Community Consensus

Under the guise of editorial oversight, news corporations have been able to filter not just the information you receive, but how that information is conveyed. Effectively controlling information to suit their narrative. SWEN prohibits small groups of people from determining what news the public should read. SWEN uses informed community consensus and proprietary algorithms to provide you with the news that your community has deemed the most important, based on the well-established (but recently forgotten) pillars of journalism.


A decline in traditional revenue streams was one of the primary factors for the decline in journalistic standards. It is only right that when overhauling our broken journalism system, we reassess how readers pay for their news also. While the platform is free for readers, the premium version of the platform can be accessed through a subscription basis, or, through micro-transactions. Readers willing to pay 10c for each article they read will be able to access all content in a premium format. We also believe readers willing to invest their time to help journalism flourish should be able to access the fruits of their labour without having to pay. Readers who contribute to the informed community consensus will have free access to our premium version.

News We Need

News organisations were long trusted to be the custodians of our information, but time and time again they have violated the trust of the readers for the benefit of special interests. With the effectiveness of our global communication network, the establishment of the gig economy, and the high level of educated citizens around the world, SWEN believes that the creation and distribution of news should be returned to the citizens of the world. SWEN provides the infrastructure and parameters to allow citizen journalism and mainstream journalism to co-exist in an educated community for the benefit of everyone, instead of the benefit of a few.